3. Goodbye DNN Creative, Hello World!

Where Next?

Here is my big plan!

If you have read my previous post, you will be aware that I have left DNN Creative Magazine, so what am I going to do?

Well there are some big plans, but to get started with the big plans I need to begin small, learn from mistakes made and then implement the plans on a larger scale.

My decision to make this change came from reading books such as Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich” etc.

I will give you an overview of the structure to the plan:

It all begins with Cashflow and Assets, I realised that I need to be investing any profits I make from my businesses into assets that will generate their own cashflow and increase in capital over time, for this I am looking at Real Estate, purchasing houses and renting them out, this also offers diversification and means that I am not fully reliant on the internet to make money….

However, Real Estate can have risks, such as tenants trashing the house, mortgage rate interest rises, void periods, maintenance etc. So Real Estate should not be 100% relied upon and needs a backup system for cashflow, and this is where the internet comes into place.

But couldn’t you have done this with DNN Creative anyway?

Yes I could, but it would be a slow process, the other piece to the puzzle is finding enough spare cash to put down a 25% deposit on a house.

So I am now looking for internet businesses which are in a larger niche so that they can scale quickly and have a much higher cashflow. My aim is to generate enough cashflow from the internet businesses so that I have enough for a house deposit each month. – I may not buy a house every month, I may use this cashflow to pay down some of the debts on the houses, cover maintenance etc. but the point is, with this rate of high cashflow I can generate a very stable portfolio of real estate assets.

After generating these assets, if something goes wrong in the internet business, I don’t have to worry as those assets will be setup so that they are generating their own cashflow and creating a second income stream which I can comfortably live off.

So that’s the big plan!

The reason I had to leave DNN Creative is because working in DNN Creative did not leave me with enough spare time to implement new online projects which have the potential to grow much larger.

Taking this step is slightly scary, but exciting at the same time, I am sad to say goodbye to DNN Creative, but hopefully I can drive this forward to a new level.

I will talk more about my online business plans in another blog post, as this is where it starts to get interesting ……….

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